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  • Horizont - Official web-site of the HORIZONT Production Corporation, the biggest TV manufacturer both in the Republic of Belarus and the C.I.S. [Eng./Rus.]
  • MPOVT - Official web site of the UE «MPOVT» (Minsk Production Association of Computer Engineering Techniques). One of the oldest Belarusian manufacturer of computers and means of telecommunications. [Eng./Rus.]
  • Nootekhnika - Development and manufacture of radio-electronic and telecommunication equipment, alarm and electrotechnical devices. [Rus.]
  • Svyazinvest - JSC Svyazinvest. Development and manufacture of digital automatic telephone switchboards (ATS). [Eng./Rus.]
  • Vityas - Official web-site of the UPE «VITYAS», one of the biggest TV producers in Belarus. [Eng./Rus.]