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  • Arsanakt - Arsanakt Unitary Enterprise (Minsk). Production of souvenirs and items from glass, porcelain, faience, china in Belarus and Russia. [Rus.]
  • Borisov Cut Glass Plant - Cut-glass ware, crystal fancy articles. [Eg/Rus]
  • Borisov Musical Instruments Enterprise - “Belarus” piano, acoustic guitars, dulcimer, sets of fuirniture. [Eng]
  • LUCH - JSC Minsk Watch Plant. Information about the company, catalogue. [Eng/Rus]
  • Malvina - JSC "Firm Malvina", one of the leaders in production of soft toys in Belarus. [Eng./Rus.]
  • Neman - Neman Glassworks, Grodno: windowpanes, cut-glass ware, glass souvenirs. [Rus.]
  • SINTOMS - SINTOMS Ltd.(Minsk), one of the leading Belarusian enterprises in the production of frets (fretwire) for guitars and fret mounting tools, as well as sales of musical instruments and accessories. [Eng/Rus]
  • Stenlypol - Stenlypol Traiding Ltd. Manufacturing and sale of abrasive products and teflon-coated tablewear and household goods. [Eng./Rus.]
  • Vitebsk Carpets - JSC Vitebsk Carpets. [Eng/Rus]