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  • GMTUP - Gomel Machine Tool Units Plant, one of the most advanced Belarusian machine-tool building enterprises. [Eng/Rus]
  • Krasny Borets - Official site of the Orsha machine-tool plant "KRASNY BORETS". [Eng./Rus.]
  • MPZ - Minsk Bearing Plant is one of the largest bearing manufacturers in the world. [Eng./Rus.]
  • NZGA - Novogrudok Gas Equipment Plant" (JSC "NZGA"). [Eng/Rus]
  • Precise Mechanics - Precise Mechanics Metal-Working Enterprise (Minsk). Production of metal machinery, technological equipment and tools. Metal-working. [Eng./Rus.]
  • Stenlypol - Stenlypol Traiding Ltd. Manufacturing and sale of abrasive products and teflon-coated tablewear and household goods. [Eng./Rus.]
  • VCMTP - Vitebsk Comintern Machine Tool Plant. Manufacture of gear hobbing, gear shaving, spline hobbing, gear chamfering, gear rounding, gear shaping and gear honing machines. [Eng/Rus]
  • VIZAS - VIZAS Factory in Vitebsk: a leader in manufacture of tool grinding equipment in the ex-USSR. Woodworking machines, machines for spectacle optics, consumer goods. [Eng./Rus.]