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  • Alpha-Tour - Alpha-Tour Travel Agency (Minsk). [en/ru]
  • Belarustourist - The oldest tourist organization in the country. More than 45 years on the Belarusian market. [en]
  • Belintourist - BELINTOURIST, National Tourist Travel Holding Company of the Republic of Belarus. [en/ru]
  • Ecotour-6 - Travel agency (Minsk, Belarus). Bus tours around Europe. Holidays, excursions, medical treatment. Individual tours and business tours by special orders. [en/ru]
  • MinskTourist - MinskTourist Travel Agency. [en/ru]
  • PRESTIGE AQUA TOUR - PRESTIGE AQUA TOUR Travel Agency (Minsk): visa support and hotel booking in Belarus, all kinds of individual excursions around Belarus, hobby tours, etc. [en/ru]
  • Sakub - Sakub Holiday Travel Company (Minsk). [en/ru]
  • SOLID Travel Company - [en/ru]
  • Sputnik of Belarus - One of the biggest and oldest Belarusian tourist companies. [en/ru]